System Shock 2 Review

The guys at Evil Avatar have taken the time to go back and review BioShock's spiritual predecessor, System Shock 2.
Irrational and Looking Glass Studios managed to completely and perfectly achieve a state of claustrophobic, interstellar horror within the confines of your PC monitor and speakers. There is no other game that so completely engulfs you in the knowledge that you are alone, you will be alone and, if you're not careful, you will die alone. I've yet to find a game on PC or console, other than System Shock 2, which completely captures the frenetic, terrifying and unknown horror that was achieved on the big screen in the movie, Alien. There are times where you may feel like Ripley aboard the Nostromo during your stint on the Von Braun. Only you aren't fighting one alien; you're fighting the mutated remnants of your crew mates, the twisted mind of Xerxes and an organic monstrosity almost impossible to comprehend.

Good memories, good memories.