Sacred 2: Fallen Angel Interview

The folks at have conjured up an interview with Ascaron Entertainment's Alan Wild about their highly anticipated Sacred sequel. The interview is in Polish, but luckily there's an English translation along the right side of the page:
Q: Can you give us some examples of new quests?

A: Sacred 2 offers the player two different campaigns: "Light" and "Shadow". So, the player now has the choice of how he wants to act during these decisive days in Ancaria. Will he strive to bring peace and order back to Ancaria, or will he choose a more sinister path of ultimate power? This choice is an important decision for the player, and completely changes their outlook on the events and the world itself. Quests will vary in their style, and former allies may suddenly become your worst enemy. Both campaigns will run parallel but from a different perspective: protagonist and antagonist will be reversed.

We will have hundreds of quests. They will differ according to the campaign you choose, but also according to the character, his reputation, the chosen god or even decisions made in earlier quests. In some places across the world, "side storyline" quests are telling whole additional short stories.