Dungeon Runners Review

Eurogamer has handed out a score of 8/10 to NCsoft's subscription-free massively multiplayer action RPG, Dungeon Runners.
At a fuller price (i.e. more expensive than free), or with a higher monthly sub for the full package (i.e. more than the price of a supermarket sandwich), the simple graphics and slightly awkward controls (they never quite feel as smooth as they ought) would give Dungeon Runners a 7. Because despite the problems, it's such a huge amount of fun. However, at free, and near-as-dammit for the membership, we throw caution to the wind. It pokes excellent fun at a pompous genre (although WoW does an occasionally decent job of this too), and remains very playable. Disagree with the score? Didn't cost you anything to find out. (Find out that you're a wrongface, that is).