The Witcher Pre-E3 Previews

GameSpy and 1Up are next in line with hands-on previews of The Witcher, both of which are based on what was seen during CD Projekt's pre-E3 press event. A snip from GameSpy's article:
Madej is running me through a demonstration of the latest version of the game. Onscreen, Geralt of Riva has collapsed in a heap in a windswept field and is being rescued by a number of his fellow witchers. He's taken back to the witcher's home, a castle called Kaer Morhen, where they discover that Geralt has amnesia and will need to be retrained in the witchers' arts. Madej freely admits that the amnesia is just a game device used to give the player a sense of RPG progression as Geralt "relearns" his skills and emphasizes that memory loss is not the point of the story.

And a snip from 1Up's article:
The central character Geralt, a tough monster hunter from a pale, cat-eyed clan called The Witchers, helps to make this RPG stand out. In addition to battling monsters and getting fall-down drunk at tavern games, Geralt once had the ability to woo the village wenches -- but sadly, the seduction side quests have since been removed from the North American version of the game (you can still read about them here). There's no time for love anyway -- the game's main storyline begins with a group of bandits stealing the secrets to The Witcher clan's powers, and Geralt is charged with finding and retrieving them.