The Witcher Preview

GameSpot brings us a quick hands-on preview of The Witcher, with a warning that it contains minor plot spoilers about CD Projekt's ambitious RPG. I wonder if both of these perspectives will be perfectly viable in the finished game:
The depth of storytelling in The Witcher makes it one of the more interesting RPGs in recent years, but the game also has plenty else to admire. One neat aspect of the game is that there are two ways of playing it. If you're a fan of top-down RPGs, such as Baldur's Gate or Neverwinter Nights, you can play The Witcher from a top-down perspective, in which case you use the mouse to control everything. However, if you like behind-the-back, third-person RPGs along the lines of Star Wars: Knights of the Old Republic, you can play The Witcher this way and use the keyboard and mouse for controls.