BioShock Government Issued Travel Warning

Internode Games Network has posted a strange new "Government Issued Travel Warning" feature for BioShock, which turns out to be a preview of the game in disguise. For example, here's a precautionary paragraph about the possibility of a terrorist threat in Rapture:
Terrorism is a threat throughout the world. You can find more information about this threat in our General Advice to Travellers.

We strongly advise you not to travel to Rapture. The situation there has become extremely dangerous and we fear that there is a very high threat of ongoing terrorist attack in their civil war. We strongly advise that you do not travel openly in the city of Rapture. Such actions could make you the target of terrorists. From the limited amount of information we have coming from Rapture we understand that tourists have been used as leverage in the civil war. Tourists are targeted specifically, however, no demands have been made of the countries in which the tourists were from and it is believed that those people have lost their lives. Possible terrorist targets in the city could include retail outlets, restaurants, public areas, hotels and marketplaces. As we understand there is no specific military presence in Rapture. They do not have nor do they require an army. Security is maintained by a number of automated security bots. These bots are based around security stations. It is believed that it is possible for individuals to hack into the security stations and take control of these bots, however, it is not known whether this can be done on a large scale. As a result there is no specific police or military force in Rapture which can maintain peace throughout a civil war.