BioShock Preview

Hooked Gamers has cranked out a new two-page preview of Irrational Games' underwater FPS/RPG hybrid, BioShock.
The player can harvest Adam from the Little Sisters and other sources and use it to enhance his physique in various ways, called Plasmids. This system is reminiscent of the skill advancement system of Action RPGs like Deus Ex and the Plasmids, or upgrades, are grouped under 'tech-trees' that are divided into Weaponry, Engineering, Active, and Physical. These upgrades may include heat and air pressure resistance, healing, speed boost, telekinesis, teleportation and temporary invisibility. Some of the more complex upgrades include the ability to sound like a Gatherer, inducing the Protectors to protect you from the Aggressors. That sounds like a lot of abilities to give to one poor player, doesn't it? Well, there's the other side of the coin to consider: you can only have a set number of active Plasmids at one time and in order to switch between them, you will have to use one-use devices that are scattered around various points around the playing field.