The Witcher Blog Update

CD Projekt has added another entry to their blog for The Witcher on IGN, once again with project lead Jacek Brzezinski discussing the game's long development history and what's left to do before it can finally ship to the masses.
Toward the end of the year, our testing department got an influx of new recruits, who immediately set to work on testing, re-testing and re-re-testing the game in its whole continuity and breadth, approximated at around 40 hours of game play for the core path. Naturally, the game is extremely non-linear with individual quests open to a number of solutions, making the task doubly hard and prone to errors. Fortunately, however, our tester team, headed by Kuba Stylinski, is dedicated enough to sit night and day hunting for renegade glitches.

What now follows are tedious yet desperately necessary tasks, closely tied with the failure or success of the game the optimisation of the source code to cut down on required hardware specifications to play the game, the localization of the game into a number of languages (which is further made difficult by the fact that this signifies translating over 250,000 words).