The Witcher Blog Update

CD Projekt has added another entry to their blog for The Witcher on IGN, this time with Michal Kicinski revealing more about the game's development history.
We showed the first version of the demo at BioWare's headquarters in Edmonton, where we had been invited to present the game. BioWare offered us access to their booth at E3 to present the game to the media. It was a great help. We were really inexperienced then and the opportunity of spreading our wings caused intense emotions within the team.

The presentation of the game at BioWare went really well. What we showed was surprisingly good and drew a lot of interest, especially taking into account the fact that a dozen people created it in 8 months. So many people from BioWare turned up to see The Witcher that we had to repeat the presentation three times! We received a lot of invaluable comments, including ones about the first version of the combat system, which was too complicated. I think the graphics of The Witcher made a great impression; somebody even asked jokingly if we really used the Aurora Engine.