Drakensang: The Dark Eye Developer Diary #5

Drakensang.info has posted a fifth developer diary for Radon Labs' Drakensang: The Dark Eye, this time with designer Fabian Rudzinski discussing how he adapts the tabletop game into a PC game.
In the conceptual part of my work on the game design, I adapt the pen and paper rule set for the computer game and I also implement the story into the game's program. Obviously, our work has to be very precise to guarantee satisfying basic conditions for the game. Before a final concept can be made, our in-house departments - for example the coders, the level designers and the graphic artists - make an estimate of the work they will each have to invest in order to meet my demands. On that basis we finally make our concept.

It is very fascinating to see the world you have only known from sketches, drawings and descriptions become a virtual 3D universe that you can explore on the computer screen. We experience the birth of every new character, and we are thrilled when the software gets updated again with some more detailed locations we have a highly motivated team that tries to make a fantastic world come to live.