The Witcher Previews

Four new hands-on previews of CD Projekt's The Witcher have hit the web, all of which are based on the company's recent press event for the RPG. The first is at GameSpot:
All the game's quests are tracked in a journal, which keeps you informed about those you are on, and where you'll need to go next to continue. For the specific mission we were on, we needed to pay a visit to a riverside shack, where the leader of a local bandit group was residing. We'd previously learned that he had information on our quarry, but first, we'd need to gain his trust. So, a simple trip further down the river to dispatch some monsters that had been causing his trade business some issues was in order.

The second is at RPG Vault:
Magic takes five forms, called Signs. Aard is a telekinetic attack, while Igni is fire-based. Quen provides protective shielding, Yrden is a form of supernatural trap, and Axii lets you influence the minds and thus the actions of others. In addition, Geralt can employ alchemy to create various potions from body parts recovered from his kills and herbs. They can that enhance his abilities by allowing him to move even more rapidly, see in the dark, etc. Notably however, using them also has drawbacks; they poison his body and can cause negative effects like blindness, loss of consciousness, and diminished capabilities. It's also worth mentioning that you won't be able to master every skill. Here too, this means your choices will matter.

The third is at Games Radar:
...the developers are promising a storyline that twists and turns based on genuinely interesting decisions. For instance, you come across Elves who've locked away some humans in a dangerous underground chamber; you have time to slaughter the elves, or rescue the humans, but not both. Which is the lesser evil? You simply won't know until hours later, when the ripple effect has had time to reach shore. Forget about saving before a major decision and reloading if you aren't jazzed about the outcome. Hopefully this intriguing and empowering storytelling won't lose anything vital in the translation minefield.

And the fourth is at IGN PC:
One example of the game's realistic approach to fantasy is the use of potions. Although Geralt can create these using herbs and ingredients, their use is double-edged, with potential benefits, such as night vision, or swiftness, balanced by the drawback that they also poison him - causing loss of consciousness or blindness for example.