Vanguard: Saga of Heroes Reviews

A couple of somewhat mediocre reviews for Sigil Games' Vanguard: Saga of Heroes reached the web earlier this week. The first is at GameSpy with an overall score of 3/5:
As a former EverQuest junkie, it pains me to see an unfinished product like Vanguard: Saga of Heroes released before its time. There's potential for a very good game here, and we've had our share of both highs and lows with the gameplay, but the sheer number of gameplay bugs, graphical issues, and poor technical performance make it difficult to recommend in its current state. It's clear that the developers are working hard to improve the game every day, but at best, the day where it might get a strong recommendation is still far off in the future.

And the second is at AtomicGamer with an overall score of 72%:
While I think that one could certainly do worse than buying Vanguard, those looking for a World of Warcraft killer are likely going to be disappointed - especially those without cutting edge computers. The developers seemed to have tried to bring back the "glory days" of the original Everquest, but when we look at past subscriber numbers for MMORPGs, it seems like this strategy is a little at odds with what players want. I seriously doubt that Vanguard will ever topple the current king, but I think they can find their niche with the more hardcore players and those who just think WoW is a little too easy.