Neverwinter Nights 2 Chat Log has uploaded an edited log of their recent IRC chat with members of the Neverwinter Nights 2 development team.
(01:49:07) (@OEI_Ryan) Do you guys have the feeling too that the game was released a bit too soon. A lot of negativity is been seen on the official forums due to that so it seems?

(01:49:41) (@OEI_Ryan) A game, without a timeline will go on forever. We are happy with what was shipped but not as happy as we wanted everyone to be.

(01:50:10) (@OEI_Ryan) We would have killed for more time, but sometimes things have to end whether we like it or not.

(01:50:46) (@OEI_Constant) There were many lessons to be learned from the development of NWN2. Fan reaction, both negative and positive, factors greatly into that.

(01:51:08) (@OEI_Constant) We see reactions to the game across the entire spectrum, but of course, as developers, we want the best for our baby.

(01:51:29) (@OEI_Constant) Certainly we hope to learn from our mistakes and setbacks during development to ensure that future titles are great shape upon release.

(01:51:54) (@OEI_Constant) We are proud of our game, but we also recognizes elements of it that could use improvement.