Silverfall Preview

GameSpot has conjured up a quick preview of Silverfall, after getting some hands-on time with Monte Cristo's upcoming action RPG.
Silverfall differs from last year's Titan Quest, the last major action role-playing game, in a couple of key ways. First, Titan Quest is an entirely linear game, in that you follow a predetermined and narrow path throughout the entire game and kill everything in your way. Silverfall features a much more open world that lets you wander around anywhere while still killing everything in your way. Secondly, while Titan Quest was set in the mythological past, Silverfall takes place in a fantasy realm full of familiar races, such as elves, trolls, and goblins. Indeed, it's an interesting place, because in addition to being able to create a human and elf character, you can play as a troll or a goblin. Apparently, the world of Silverfall is where a lot of the magical races have learned to get along with one another. It's just the pesky undead that are the problem. You'll also eventually be able to play a character that either specializes in sorcerous powers or in high technology, and you'll find different companions along the way that have cast their lots as magicians or technologists as well.