The Elder Scrolls IV: Knights of the Nine Review

GamerDad has taken a closer look at Bethesda's The Elder Scrolls IV: Knights of the Nine, giving the Oblivion add-on an overall score of 3/5.
There is an inherent issue I have with paying for a side-quest, even if there is some reward involved. Looking at the package in general, there are two useless add-ons, three 'strongholds', and a small, medium and large side-quest. I can easily envision how some of the available third-party mods could make Mehrune's Razor and the main Knights of the Nine quests truly great - there are some wonderful dungeons you need to traverse - but that would only apply to PC gamers, and it was really up to Bethesda to deal with the limiting issues present in the main game. As a result I can only conditionally recommend these - if you truly loved the original game and had no issues with the leveling of enemies and loot, and particularly if you can obtain the whole package at the $10 sale price that was advertised multiple times after release, then it is worth trying. If you have uninstalled the original game and have no interest in starting up again, this is not the enticement you are looking for - there are better and more rewarding quests in the game, and the limited sense of honor bestowed by the completing the Knights of the Nine is not enough to make you think you're playing a Paladin.