Neverwinter Nights 2 Review

The folks at have published a five-page review of Neverwinter Nights 2, giving Obsidian's RPG sequel an overall score of 8/10.
All in all, I hope the game manages to get the TLC that it so desperately deserves. Under this rough coat is a diamond, and it's not unlike Bioware titles to take up to a year to truly come into their own. But this one's not there yet, and we're going to give it a generous 8 based on the very real hope that it will eventually get there. For what the game is now, this figure might be a little too high for many tastes, but in a year it may be too low. A game like this is much like a fine wine or spirit - aging it a bit will add to its flavours and mellow the harsh overtones.

Does this guy really think that BioWare was responsible for the sequel, even though Obsidian's logo appears on the box and graces the screen every time you load the game up?