Gothic 3 Review

The folks at have tossed up a four-page review of Pirahna Bytes' newly released Gothic 3, giving the RPG an overall score of 8.6/10.
The world of Gothic 3 could be more gigantic than expected, but surely marked by the same profusion of elements on every square mile of the mainland. It's imperatively necessary that the exploration not be done under the pressure of time (I distrustfully raise my hand), because there are plenty of chances to overlook memorable things. But in the end, we're not talking about a title "blessed" with a replayability rate tending towards zero, so... Okay, I'm not going to hold you anymore, the reviews got to have an end. Turn off your background programs and cell phones, pick up your phone receptor and lay it next to its hook, hide your watches, put out the cigarettes and/or finish up the "tidbits" from the plate (whatever they are) - don't forget the antidepressants, because the game awaits you... I mean it, off you go!