The Witcher Week, Day Four

CD Projekt's official The Witcher website has been updated with more content for their ongoing Witcher Week feature, this time providing us with a high resolution version of the intro cinematic and a new entry to their blog written by Platige Image art director Tomek Baginski. An excerpt from the latter:
Most of us in the studio are big fans of The Witcher books, the stories that laid the groundwork for the game's script and main character. Here in Eastern Europe, Geralt is a very popular hero. As a professional witcher, he makes his living by hunting all sorts of monsters that threaten the citizens of the game world. Like all witchers, Geralt's body was greatly modified by mutations and heavily trained under the supervision of elder witchers, giving him superhuman abilities. Unfortunately, that's also the reason why common people perceive him as a freak and a monster. The story in the books is really fascinating and when the news spread that a game based on the universe was in development, jubilation erupted in the fan communities. I was twice as happy when CD Projekt RED asked us if Platige Image our studio could create cinematics for The Witcher. We didn't hesitate for a second :).