BioShock Preview

The folks at The Armchair Empire are offering up a preview of BioShock, the highly anticipated FPS/RPG hybrid from Irrational Games.
Those that have played System Shock 2 will undoubtedly find Bioshock to be familiar and different all at once. Genetic modifications called plasmids will help alter the basic physical stature and natural abilities of your character, while the art-deco style weapons will have their own kinds of upgrades to improve their lethality. Security systems will need to be hacked and deactivated to allow your safe passage, or turned against your enemies to advance your goals. Diaries, recordings, and cryptic notations scattered around the city provide clues not only to smaller and more immediate puzzles but also help fill in the background on how Rapture came to be in the state it's in now. However, Bioshock will also have some distinct differences from it's spiritual predecessor. The isolation of deep space is one thing, but the isolation found at the bottom of the ocean, with a few trillion tons of seawater inches above your head and slowly leaking into the city, is quite another.