Neverwinter Nights 2 Designer Diary #2

GameSpot has posted a second designer diary for Neverwinter Nights 2, this time with Obsidian Entertainment executive producer Darren Monahan discussing the game's enhanced graphics and the control module builders will have to tweak them.
For the day/night cycle, we let you customize a handful of stages. As time passes, the game morphs between your stages in realistic ways. In these stages, you can modify how intense the light of the sun or moon is, how much fog is present at that time of day (allowing for foggy mornings that clear up as you approach noon), as well as setting how "bloomy" the world looks. If you love the way Fable looks, for example, and want to have your module convey that same style, you can jack up the bloom settings. If you prefer a more realistic, gritty look to the world, you can tone these down. Sound like too much control? Don't worry--the game comes with a default set of day/night cycles that we use in our campaign. If you just want to use those, you can simply apply them to your modules. But if you want to create the next "time of troubles" or modules that take place in one of the nine hells, you can take advantage of your power to control the skies.

You'll also find some new gameplay footage to go along with the diary.