The Witcher Preview

The folks at Hooked Gamers have put together a two-page preview of CD Projekt's upcoming RPG, The Witcher.
The Witcher has achieved an astounding level of graphical detail and depth that is apparent in the screenshots, but even better when observed live. The graphics engine used, an updated BioWare Aurora engine, may be a few years old, but after the heavy updating the core's age is in no way apparent in the way it handles the graphics and action in The Witcher. The graphics show beautiful water reflections and other shaders, making the world as real as the artists can draw it. The passing of the time is shown very beautifully as the lighting of the environment changes between midday and midnight, and the weather changes smoothly between sunshine and dark and stormy weather. Furthermore, the different kinds of weather are not situation- or location specific, but the weather changes dynamically and realistically as the game progresses.