BioShock E3 Preview

WorthPlaying has dished up a quick preview of Irrational Games' BioShock, after seeing a demo of the first-person sci-fi RPG at this year's E3.
Like in System Shock 2, Bioshock isn't quite as much a first-person shooter as it is a first-person adventure game with shooting as an option. Bullets are at a premium in the game, and even when you have them, you can't be certain that you'll have the right kind. (Armor-piercing rounds work wonders against machines, for instance, but ordinary rounds are needed to take out the splicers.)

You do have options, though. Bioshock, according to Irrational, is a game about choices. In any given scenario the game'll throw at you, while they aren't scripted, you'll have a variety of options you can use in order to proceed. You can sneak past enemies without a fight, use your "plasmid" powers to turn the environment against them, pay atom to activate certain environmental features such as a security override, or simply wait in the shadows for events to resolve themselves. Some of the "enemies" will only attack you to protect themselves, such as the Daddies.