The Witcher E3 Preview

The gals at Killer Betties are next in line with a preview of The Witcher, after seeing CD Projekt's RPG firsthand during this year's E3.
When the player sees an enemy, all they have to do is click on them to make Geralt perform his slashing attacks; if the player wants to get fancy they can do double clicks to do special moves. Also, Geralt can perform stylized finishing moves (neat blur effect working over time) to downed enemies, and really, who doesn't want to finish off someone that was about to kill them. Though all the player has to do is click to attack, the player can improve their fighting by timing attacks, so rhythm must be there to perform up the standards of your title in the game. Geralt isn't only a master of swords oh no cause he is also adept at magic, so be prepared to light some creatures on fire and other such attacks when the game is released. Geralt also features several enhanced viewing perspectives, with one such power being able to go all Predator and see heat (mystical energy in the game) to seek out where enemies are.