The Witcher Interview

Next Generation has published a two-page interview with CD Projekt's Michal Kicinski, quizzing the joint CEO about their upcoming Aurora-powered RPG, The Witcher. An excerpt to follow:
Q: The Witcher's "RPG Redefined" claim is a bold one. What's the most distinctive feature of the game?

A: The '˜RPG Redefined' term has certainly resounded stronger than we initially intended. What we have always wanted to say was that The Witcher will be much different from other RPGs on the market. The very term, however, has raised rumor of our trying to redesign and redefine the genre. We're not that presumptuous, so for the time being, we've decided not to use the slogan any more. We'll come back to it, as soon people who see the game start using the term for themselves. For now, we prefer to describe the game with a slightly longer sentence: a modern version of a classic story-based RPG with stunning and tactically deep real-time combat. This is what actually distinguishes our game. On the one hand, we have an unbelievably deep and multilayered plotline; on the other, we have a complex though very intuitive combat system. Combat in The Witcher is both visually stunning and dynamic, and it has a comprehensive tactical background to it. Such an amalgam of a tremendous story and innovative combat system results in the uniqueness of the game.