The Witcher Week, Day Six

CD Projekt has published another set of features for their ongoing Witcher Week, this time releasing a wallpaper, a confessional feature, and a new Q&A over at IGN's NWVault. An excerpt from the Q&A:
Q: What can we expect to see at this year's E3 demo? Will there be a chance to play the game hands on?

A: This year will be a big step up from last year. First, we plan to provide visitors with a look into the world of the witchers. We will then provide some background into the game's story. After that, visitors will be able to see how our combat has evolved over the past months followed by a situation where we showcase the player making different decisions and we can see the future outcome. It's a pretty cool display of how our non-linearity will function. Finally, we will highlight the improvements we made in technology for all those interested in shaders, lighting, foliage, shadows, and animation.