Dark Age of Camelot Interview

MMORPG.com has conducted an interview with Mythic Entertainment's Walt Yarbrough, quizzing the Dark Age of Camelot producer about the MMORPG and his years of experience at Mythic Entertainment. A snippet:
Q: Once you had your foot in the door at Mythic, can you run us through the various positions you've filled on route to your current role?

A: Well, you have to keep in mind that Mythic's early days were very informal. There was no organization chart or any kind of job ladder. You could do nearly anything if you volunteered, and/or pushed a good concept or design idea.

I started as a World Builder, and became a World Lead before launch. The original guild system was my baby. After launch, I became the Live Team World Lead. Then Content Producer.

Now I'm the Producer of Dark Age of Camelot.