Star Wars Galaxies Friday Feature

Sony's official Star Wars Galaxies website has been updated with a new Friday Feature, this time offering a short story called Imperial Entanglements, character attribute descriptions, and more. A snip:
"We'll be fine." A smile filled her face. Back on Sullust , perfect direction sense and a photographic memory were abilities everyone had.

Remembering the streets of Mos Eisley was so easy it was second nature. "Close your eyes so you don't get hurt." They both closed their eyes and Sh'ira led them through the streets as if it was broad daylight. The sandstorm was a perfect cover for their escape.

Back at Sh'ira's humble home, she started making plans, "We have to get off this planet. You're not safe and it won't be long before someone tells the Imperials that I helped you away from the scene."