The Lord of the Rings Online Class Update

Turbine's official The Lord of the Rings Online website has been with additional information and artwork for the Burglar class. A few details:
A stealthy trickster, the Burglar can dart in and out of the shadows to befuddle, weaken, or damage foes. An unexpected strike from behind by a burglar can stun or trip enemies, allowing others in her party to combine their efforts for a devastating attack. Unassuming on her own, a burglar would be wise to not be caught alone.

The Burglar will be the class of choice for players that enjoy using cunning and tricks to defeat their opponents. Using concealment, a Burglar can strike from the shadows, taking her opponents unawares. With her wit, a Burglar can show her allies where a foe's weakness lies -- or trap someone in a riddle. A Burglar's combat style hinges on her ability to outmaneuver and outwit her opponents while hitting them where it hurts.