Neverwinter Nights 2 Preview

Yahoo! Games has written up a two-page preview of Neverwinter Nights 2, after checking out a demonstration of the RPG sequel firsthand. A snippet:
Ferret Baudoin, the game's lead designer, revealed that Nights 2 will have its gameplay and structure adapted from Wizards of the Coast's most recent Dungeons & Dragons' ruleset (version 3.5). Baudoin said that this ruleset "has a lot of changes, many based on tons of feedback that Wizards of the Coast got from players around the world."

The Third Edition rules were somewhat "front-loaded," which made it easy to have a strong character not long after starting. However, the new system gives players reason to get excited at each level, which "changes the flavor of the game quite dramatically." Other improvements to the single-player game include better spell balance, ability refinements, and a damage system that's more challenging in combat. "It should be a much more satisfying experience," said Baudoin.