Dungeon Siege II Reviews

A trio of new online reviews for Microsoft and Gas Powered Games' Dungeon Siege II are now available, and they're all fairly positive. The first is at AceGamez with an overall score of 9/10:
Dungeon Siege II is a superb sequel that takes the great gameplay of the original and, while stripping out some of those party options, updates the presentation so that everything looks and sounds wonderful. It's very much a case of getting exactly what you'd expect, but with maybe a little more sheen. Whether you're a fan of RPG titles or not, I would seriously recommend that you get your teeth stuck in to Dungeon Siege II and let the brainboxes at Microsoft take you through a spellbinding action-fest that will last for weeks on end. If you still don't believe me, at least give Diablo II a whirl; some games just have to be played.

The second is at TechSpot with no overall score:
A lot of the mundane issues from the original Dungeon Siege have been fixed; I certainly believe fans of the original game will be satisfied with the sequel. A good tip for those wanting to complete the game is to learn how to use the incantation shrines that you will commonly stumble upon during your quests. There are quite a few incantations that you can learn that will give you temporary boosts to help you and your party.

And the third is at GameCell with an overall score of 6/10:
DS2 is a party-based game. You create your hero and along the way find others who can help you with your quest. Each have different skills and abilities so if you choose to be a hardened armour wearing warrior you need to miss out on the fireball throwing fun of the wizard. The game then features numerous automated functions for your team mates so you can assign them to get stuck in or hang back and attack from a distance. It works rather well and it's a good job it does.