Dungeon Siege II Reviews

Just in case you're still debating on whether or not to purchase Dungeon Siege II, there are two more reviews of the action RPG sequel to help sway your decision. The first is at Gaming Trend with an overall score of 88%:
If you are a fan of the series then you absolutely have to play this. If you are a loot junkie, like I am, then you have to get this game, but if you are a hardcore RPGer looking for a challenge, you will be disappointed. There is no surprise about this really as Chris Taylor's goal with Dungeon Siege was to make a fun, newbie friendly game that many people could enjoy. The game will provide 40 to 60 hours of gameplay, but probably more if you really like to check everything out especially all the glorious loot. ( /precious ) The game is very polished, and I did not encounter one bug during my play through. Many people in the gaming community are starving for a really good RPG to sink their teeth into, and I feel this will probably satisfy the hunger. Don't expect it to be challenging, and enjoy it for what it is.

And the second is at FutureLooks with an overall score of 7.0/10:
Special abilities are vital for getting out of tough situations or bringing bosses down quickly. Typical combat scenarios are not the best time to use them, since they recharge only by killing more enemies or by gaining a level. There are also statues strategically placed that the player can get a character to hit to fully recharge their power. These statues become handy when fighting bosses later in the game. Characters can have a variety of these abilities but can only use one at a time. Thus, as the game progresses and becomes more complex and difficult, the player finds himself balancing his abilities against what he's facing and expecting to be facing. Basically, I used the special abilities only when it seemed like the battle was going poorly for my good guys.