Dungeon Siege II Reviews

The guys over at The Adrenaline Vault and DreamStation.cc have both kicked up reviews for Gas Powered Games' Dungeon Siege II. The review over at The Adrenaline Vault gives the game an overall score of 3.5/5:
Dungeon Siege 2 possesses the single most important quality for a game: it's fun. Controlling my party of characters to victory over the hordes of enemies that would flood the screen was a blast. Yes, there was a large amount of repetition, but I found myself faithfully returning to the game to move to the next area, or to achieve the next goal. One thing I especially enjoyed was the equipment system. Dungeon Siege 2 is incredibly item-centric. The equipment a character wears can have as much, if not more, impact on his effectiveness as the skills he chooses. And making that equipment match so that it didn't make my character appear to be a peacock was entertaining as well. While I am not certain whether there is a Dungeon Siege 3 in our future, I definitely hope there is after playing this one.

While the review at DreamStation.cc gives the game an overall score of 8.0/10:
I found Dungeon Siege II very enjoyable, and it definitely has the same addictive manner. The story line isn't what is going to pull you into this game. It's the sheer joy of a good old fashion hack-n-slash adventure game with all the loot, gold, trinkets, and other items that go with it. Dungeon Siege II may not be for everyone, but you should know right away if you'll like it. If you liked Diablo, or Diablo 2, or Sacred or any other game along those lines, then you'll like Dungeon Siege II. Same feel, just better and more improved than its predecessors.