Dungeon Siege II Reviews

The reviews for Dungeon Siege II continue to make their way to the web, with five more being posted over the past couple of days. The first is at Gameplanet with a perfect score of 5/5:
There is a dozen other elements worth mentioning in that would only enforce every reason why this game is be the PC RPG this year. But it would be a crime to unearth all of the glory that is Dungeon Siege II. With just a taste of things to come, we anticipate that people will be more than happy to queue to buy it. Microsoft has really unleashed something well worth having and any RPG enthusiast who enjoys playing games to remember would be silly to miss this.

The second is at Globetechnology with an overall score of 4.5/5:
Though not entirely free of warts, I can safely say Dungeon Siege II is the best game of its kind that I've played in recent years comparing favourably with the likes of Baldur's Gate, NeverWinter Nights, and even Diablo. The combination of its epic story, outstanding environments and robust character development system is hard to beat. There is a new heavy hitter in the dungeon crawling RPG industry, and its name is Gas Powered Games.

The third is at BellaOnline with no overall score:
Add in the armor / weapon enhancements, the ability to resurrect or to have corpses brought back to safety (for a small fee), and general teleportation fun, and the game really does address many of the annoying issues that make other, similar RPGs a bit cumbersome. For example, if you leave a corpse in a field of battle, it still of course has your "stuff" on it. You can choose to try to wade back into battle with a "fresh you" to retrieve your stuff, or you can pay to have the corpse brought back into town magically.

The fourth is at Hooked Gamers with an overall score of 9/10:
It's hard not to notice how much work and detail has been put into the music and sound effects of Dungeon Siege II. Everything sounds so lively that you really get drawn into the game. Almost all the individuals you will meet have voiceover work for your first encounter. When you enter a fight, the music changes into something that will get your blood pumping, and the ambient sounds while running through the jungle make you want to swat those annoying mosquitoes.

And the fifth is at Packmule.org with no overall score:
The long and short of it -- Dungeon Siege II is a good solid game. If you enjoyed the original, you will probably enjoy the sequel more. If you thought the original was too automatic, your concerns have been fairly well addressed. If you are a fan of the action RPG, I would advise you to buy Dungeon Siege II.