Dungeon Siege II Reviews

A trio of new reviews for Gas Powered Games' Dungeon Siege sequel hit the web over the past couple of days. The first is at Eurogamer with an overall score of 8/10:
Dungeon Siege II. An Action RPG. Good. Extremely Good. Just not as good as Diablo II.

The second is at Deadalfs with an overall score of 7/10:
All things said however, this sequel seems like less of a treadmill than it's predecessor, thanks to a more intriguing plot, some diverse set-piece battles and a cast of NPCs with some decent dialogue to deliver (well, most of the time anyway). The experimental RTS elements from the first game may have been streamlined into non-existence, but DS2 seems a 'Ëświser' RPG for it.

And the third is at Computer Games Romania with an overall score of 80/100:
Ultimately, in some regards, Dungeon Siege 2 is clearly better than its predecessor. But some questionable design decisions, as well as a few less evident problems manage to stop it from becoming one of the better games of 2005. Nevertheless, for hack & slash fans this is a must have title, considering the fact that only Sacred: Underworld is the only notable release in this genre this year.