Dungeon Siege II Reviews

The weekend brings us a couple of new online reviews for the recently released Dungeon Siege sequel. The first is at Video Game City with an overall score of 8/10:
If you were disappointed with the poor offerings of summer 2005, then Dungeon Siege 2 is definitely one of the bright spots. Pick it up, hack, slash, hack some more, go online, trash talk and then call it a night. It's enjoyable, if not totally original but there's no denying that this is a good game. Pessimists keep pouting and waiting for Diablo 3. Optimists, sit back, relax and take comfort in knowing you can actually enjoy other games while you wait for Blizzard to deliver. For right now, Gas Powered Games has done it for them.

And the second is at Christ Centered Game Reviews with an overall score of 70%:
There are lots of enemies to be reckoned with. It can be especially painful if they swarm you. Overall the enemies are not that difficult. There's a color coded scheme letting you know when your fighting a below level, just about right and you better run now enemy. There are lots of mini-bosses with a golden circle around them. The mini-bosses usually drop some good loot. As for the major bosses, they're pretty easy. I had the most difficulty with the mages. Often times my mages would die off and my archer and I would finish off the boss. I beat Valdis on my first attempt. Overall I think this game is a bit easy.