Dungeon Siege II Review

GameMethod is the latest website to offer up a review of Dungeon Siege II, in which they give the action RPG sequel an overall score of 83/100. Here's why:
Successful not only as a sequel, but also as an example of engaging role-playing, Dungeon Siege II is a prime example of the genre, even with its flaws. The rich, story-driven single player campaign is wholly enthralling and backed by depth of gameplay. Full character customization and development options improve upon the original game, giving you full control over the progression of your characters through the game. Enemy intelligence, while normally aggressive, can be spotty at times. Multiplayer, which was a huge advantage to the original game, is seemingly an afterthought here, supporting cooperative play from the start of the single player campaign. These faults aside, Dungeon Siege II is packed with an amazing amount of content strung together by a tightly-wound plot that makes for an enjoyable experience.