Dungeon Siege II Reviews

Yet another pair of reviews have surfaced for Gas Powered Games' Dungeon Siege sequel, and they're both quite positive. The first is at GamesFirst! with an overall score of 4/5:
Fans of fantasy RPG games will no doubt find Dungeon Siege II to be an enthralling adventure that sets your character on a journey that will eat away the time like few other games can. DSII does have its flaws, but the environments, story, characters, and the overall depth of this game will hook a tremendous amount of people as they battle into the wee hours of the night crawling through the dungeons of Aranna.

The second is at Gamer's Hell with an overall score of 8.2/10:
Dungeon Siege 2 does what sequels should do fix the things that didn't work, improve the things that did, and add the content that fans of the first will enjoy. This time there's less downtime, pathing problems have, for the most part, been fixed, things are prettier and sound better, and there's a lot more to do though it's usually the same thing in various forms.

Those who didn't like the first one will probably want to avoid this one as well, but those who spent hours grinding away or doing countless (magic-find runs) in Diablo 2 will probably have fun with this game. You will of course not find many of the awesome things that a MMORPG can offer, but if you're looking for a change something not very complicated and a little different then look up this game.