Dungeon Siege II Review

eToychest has posted their review of Dungeon Siege II, giving Gas Powered Games' action RPG sequel an overall score of 88/100. A paragraph to follow:
With Dungeon Siege II, Gas Powered Games has delivered a considerable entry in the field of hack and slash RPGs for the PC. The action is intense, there are a host of options for character development, and the story, while negligible, still more than serves its purpose. Save for a few annoyances, the bankrupt AI being chief among them, this is a game that will see any fan of the genre coming away satisfied. And considering the 60+ hour quest, that is time, and money well spent. Of course many will go into this game forgoing the single player offing in favor of multiplayer escapades, and here again Dungeon Siege II delivers as long as players can put up with a few limitations.