Dungeon Siege II Preview

GameDAILY has written up their own preview of Gas Powered Games' Dungeon Siege II, after spending some firsthand time with the action RPG sequel. Check it out:
In typical Dungeon Siege fashion, the player will not be traveling alone. In fact, he may join or create a party that can include up to five additional members. The character development system should come in handy with character partying, as the player will be able to truly build a powerhouse band of warriors. If the player works his magic well enough he should be able to (with just a little effort and leveling) create an unstoppable troop. On top of the party members that may be gained, pets may also be befriended, and the list includes pack mules, little impish guys or whatever else Gas Powered Games decides to throw into the code. The players' pets may also gain certain attributes, such as strength or health. Those attributes will be gained as the pets are fed different items. For example, when you feed your pack mule potions it will gain more health.