The Witcher E3 Preview

PlanetExile has put together a preview of CD Projekt's The Witcher, after seeing the RPG firsthand during this year's E3. Check it out:
The graphics are powered by Bioware's Aurora engine which was used in such games as Neverwinter Nights. The engine has been heavily modified to support real time weather effects, motion blur, and normal mapping to make it more visually enticing than its elk. Also, the sword fighting animation Gestalt executes has been captured from real medieval fighting styles. Thus, it gives the animation authenticity and concrete reality compared to the looping hack & chop you would see in Diablo. The last intriguing aspect of the visuals is the use of Criterion's Karma Physics engine. Instead of relying on traditional scripted animations, small objects can be tossed out and about, doors can be destroyed, and monster deaths yield realistic results.