The Witcher E3 Previews

Both Gamecloud and Warcry bring us their impressions of CD Projekt's The Witcher, after seeing a demo of the RPG at this year's E3. A snip from Gamecloud's article:
The demo showcased a number of sequences from The Witcher, such as our main character fighting in a dungeon against some rather nasty looking denizens. One of the big things about the game is its use of potions, which can be used to improve or augment abilities. In the demo, The Witcher used a potion that gave him night vision and yet another potion that allowed him to see through wall. However, using potions is always risky as they poison the Witcher in various degrees.

And a snip from Warcry's article:
There are three kinds of attacks you can do in the game: fast, group, and strong. The fast one is the fastest attack you can do but will do less damage. The group one is pretty much an area of effect attack hitting all targets in the range of that area. The last one, strong, is a much slower but way more powerful blow. Each style of combat will also have its own animation set. All of the moves made in combat were motion-captured by medieval combat experts which brings a lot of realism into this concept. I must say from seeing them that they really look natural and real.