The Witcher E3 Previews

A trio of new previews for CD Projekt's The Witcher have hit the web, all of which are based on a demonstration at this year's E3. The first is at GameSpot:
Witchers also have access to a limited number of signs, which are spell-like abilities, such as fireballs or magical shields. They are also alchemists of a sort, and they can create a variety of elixirs that give them almost magical abilities, such as the ability to see in the dark. At higher skill levels, they can create even more powerful elixirs, so the ability to see in the dark can be enhanced with the ability to see thermal heat signatures through walls. However, these elixirs are poisonous, so a witcher cannot imbibe too many of them at once, else they'll slow to a halt.

The second is at GameSpy:
The game uses a heavily modified version of Bioware's Aurora engine, and when we say "heavily modified" we mean almost unrecognizable. The team has completely rewritten the rendering engine. The action sequences are extremely fluid and the combat model very different from what you saw in Neverwinter Nights. The Witcher uses vertex and pixel shaders, which allows for some very cool effects, such as glowing zombie eyes and flaming swords.

And the third is at Review Outpost:
The main story line revolves around you, Geralt, and because of the centrist story line there isn't going to be any multiplayer. So to add replay ability the developers are having at least three different endings which will be based on your actions during the game. But it isn't just going to be one or two different choices that determine your story. There a lots of micro decisions that slightly effect the games story. They showed me a scenario where you have to save the king from an assignation attempt. When you enter the throne room you must fight off a few punk assassins, then you have to make a decision. Do you go left or do you go right. Going one direction you save the kings son and concubine, fight through some more assassins and then save the king just in the knick of time. But if you go the other direction you save the king but his son and concubine are killed because you took too long getting all chummy with the king. Now the king will grateful for rescuing him and the game will continue as normal, but later on you may run into the concubine's mother who is upset at you for not saving her daughter and refuse to interact with you, which forces you to go in a different direction in the game.