The Witcher E3 Preview

Maximus from the Neverwinter Vault has written up a quick preview of CD Projekt's The Witcher, after seeing a demo of the RPG at this year's E3. A paragraph to follow:
The demo then continued with a live presentation of the game but no hands on play unfortunately. Deep in the dungeons, the Witcher is tracking down a creature and fighting off several lesser creatures using a selection of two broadswords. This highlighted how the combat system works, where the turn based combat of NWN has been replaced with a real time system where the timing of attacks can result in even more deadly attacks. The Witcher can also take potions to gain more powers however that also slowly poison him, which can only be removed by meditation or rejuvenation potions. There are several cool UI effects when your character takes certain potions. For example, taking night vision changes the screen to a crisp black and white version and advanced night vision turns the screen into a "thermal like" view where you can even look through walls to see "hot" objects. However these more powerful potions poison your character even more.

Additionally, he has released some new concept art and a sampling of the E3 press kit for your viewing/downloading pleasure.