Dungeon Siege II Preview

GDHardware has whipped up a four-page preview of Dungeon Siege II, after getting some hands-on time with the recently released press demo. A paragraph to follow:
Combat is different. I couldn't find a way to keep characters attacking the same monster or bad guy. I resorted to choosing the character by clicking on them and then repeatedly clicking on the target to attack it. But, my chosen character would stop attacking the moment I quit clicking the poor mouse to death. Characters run by the computer attack who ever is the closest rather than the most strategic. This left me using one to attack, stopping it, choosing the other character, picking its actions and the jumping back to the first to continue the fighting. It makes healing the party during a fight a real pain, but then I might not have mastered the obvious. The original Dungeon Siege was criticized for lacking in control of fighting characters. It seems the game designers went the other way to appease people. Now they have created a new issue to conquer while playing. The process often became a headache when trying to direct all of the characters to achieve a cohesive and effective party strategy. I felt like pushing my character towards freedom and more like running around shouting, (warriors of the world unite!) like some mad, labor activist.