Dungeon Siege II Previews

Yet another pair of previews for Gas Powered Games' Dungeon Siege II have surfaced, both of which are based on a recent press copy of the game. The first is at Warcry:
The gameplay was fabulous, with virtually non-stop action from the get go. You start in the trenches, fighting your way through the masses of dryad creatures, working your way around your fellow mercs. The biggest downtime was in the dryad town immediately after waking up. It wasn't too long, and consisted mostly of trying to figure your way through the complex of line carts and buildings. Things quickly get dicey. Fortunately, you meet up with a half-giant warrior who will fight alongside you. The party aspect of the game was wonderful. It seemed a lot like that of Dungeon Siege, where you control one party member at a time. For those you don't care to control, you can choose their attack and they will continue to follow your main and use this attack(or heal, or buff/debuff) whenever appropriate. With the click to run style interface, it was reminiscent of Diablo and Diablo II.

And the second is at ComputerAndVideoGames.com:
Level up in Dungeon Siege II and, not only are you able to use better weapons/armour/spells - as with the original game - but you're also awarded skill points. Skills points can then be used to 'buy' ranks in skills to boost the effectiveness of your class - for example, the ability for a warrior or fighter to increase their chance to score critical hits is just one benefit of many available through this skill tree system - and also to gain special attack powers.