Dungeon Siege II Preview

ActionTrip is the latest website to release a preview of Dungeon Siege II, after spending some firsthand time with an early press copy of the action RPG sequel. Check it out:
After killing tons of dryads and other creatures, Drevin and I fell into an ambush, where we saw the real face of the lord Valdis. After that, Drevin disappeared, leaving me to hope he was still, somehow, alive, and I was taken to an elven prison high in the treetops. There I discovered the fucking tree huggers had placed a magical ring around my neck in order to discourage me from escaping. If you have seen the movie 'Wedlock' starring Rutger Hauer, you will instantly understand what the ring was there for (Picture the cork coming out of a champagne bottle and you'll get the idea). Anyway, the elves seemed to be a little cross with me for killing their kin and fighting on the side of the evil lord, and my sobbing explanations of "I had no choice, I needed the money, and his money is as good as anyone's," did not seem to help. So I got an escort and an order to do the elves' dirty work, which included burning down the enemy war towers and freeing prisoners of war. Of course, I wasn't left with any other option but to accept. Before I ventured out into the jungle, I took care to take a walk around the elven city and see what kind of services could be found there.