Dark Age of Camelot Visit Report

RPG Vault has released a two-page article that describes a recent visit they paid to Mythic Entertainment's headquarters in Fairfax, Virginia. An excerpt to follow:
As a prelude to talking about what's coming up for Dark Age of Camelot, Hickman briefly summarized the major additions and changes realized during the past several months. Last summer, New Frontiers completely revamped the areas where RvR takes place along with the underlying systems. Improvements of note included destructible towers and keeps, enhanced and expanded sieging, and an alternate advancement scheme for high-level characters. In December, the Catacombs add-on brought five classes like the Bainshee, Valkyrie and Vampiir that play quite differently from their predecessors. It also made available a lot of content designed for individuals and smaller groups, such as the use of instanced locations. In a major patch that went live in February, various servers were clustered in pairs and groups of three. Only the RvR zones are shared, the reason being so their populations remain at appropriate levels.