Dungeon Siege II Designer Diary #1

Gas Powered Games' Kevin Lambert has penned his first Dungeon Siege II designer diary for GameSpot, in which he reveals details about the game's combat system. Sounds much more intricate than the first Dungeon Siege:
Out of all the party members, the player only has full primary control over one character at a time. Furthermore, that character will never act on his or her own. With the rest of the party not under your direct control at the moment, you can set the artificial intelligence to one of a few preset behaviors. With a simple key press or click of a button, you can tell the rest of the party to hold their ground, to take an aggressive stance, to mirror your every move, or to regroup and guard your selected character. It's easy to switch your focused character at any time, so, for example, if your mage is the most important character in your party in a specific combat situation and you're currently focused on your melee character, no problem.