Dark Age of Camelot: State of the Game

Mythic's Mark Jacobs stopped by the Camelot Herald to post another "State of the Game" letter for Dark Age of Camelot. In it, he addresses the release of EverQuest II and World of Warcraft, then goes on to promise three major additions coming soon to DAoC:
First, we are going to be adding a lot more options for customization of your characters. What we've done is great, but we want to be even better. So look for an ongoing effort to make a diverse world even more diverse.

Second, as always Mythic has been listening to its player base and we know that on some servers, the lack of a large number of players engaged in RvR at any one point in time can be an issue. Because DAoC is both a PvE and RvR game, we are particularly vulnerable to downturns in the population of a server. So, we have been thinking and trying to come up with a good solution. While we could do something like a server merge, we wanted to come up with something better since even a (simple) merge has a host of problems associated with it. Well, it has taken a bit but we have come up with something that is even better. Thus, we introduce server clustering. Without going into too much details, what this means is that players will have a lot more friends and enemies in RvR, but not change the home server's community unless the players seek to do so. We believe this will make for even better RvR without any of the problems associated with server merges and players leaving their communities. We are the first to ever do this in the industry and we hope that you will enjoy it.

The third present is Instanced RvR areas. This is one of the most requested features by our players and, as always, we have been listening. Adding iRvR to our game takes it to an entirely different level and the stuff that we are working on for it I think will surprise you.