The Witcher Peek #8

RPGVault brings us the eighth installment to their "peek" feature for The Witcher, this time detailing the "origin of magic". Here's a taste:
ow did it all start, you might quite wisely ask? Herbert Stammelford and Goeffrey Monck have described these dark events in some detail. According to them, some 1,500 years ago, there happened something called - pay attention, this is complicated - a conjunction of spheres. This was when we humans learned how to control magic, but it was also this trans-dimensional cataclysm that cut us off from magic. It is, as somebody put it in a rather picturesque simile, hidden behind closed doors, with the key thrown into a privy. I find this simile to be particularly truthful when coupled with a question - is it worth dabbling in something that threatens to get this dirty